Steven Diepenhorst

Compliance specialist: fiscal representation

Steven Diepenhorst

Steven Diepenhorst is responsible, via the subsidiary VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland BV, for providing our fiscal representation. Steven has the necessary experience to take care of both the registration procedure and the periodic obligations of the represented companies.

In addition to his work in providing fiscal representation, Steven conducts VAT analyses for companies and non-profit organisations. The purpose of these analyses is to show clearly and responsibly how much VAT an organisation can deduct and how much VAT the organisation must pay. VAT analyses are particularly relevant for large or complex organisations that engage in (partially) exempt transactions and must calculate a pro rata. A recurring topic is also the calculation of “VAT integration levy”. For these VAT analyses, he uses a fixed method that enables calculations to be made in an efficient and verifiable manner. In this way, the VAT analysis forms an appropriate means for obtaining a ruling from the Dutch Tax Authorities.

Steven first started work in taxation in 2006, in the Income Tax (Profit) and Corporate Income Tax compliance department at Mazars Paardekooper Hoffman NV. While working there, he completed the Chartered Tax Consultant training.

In 2010 Steven moved to DHK. He is a native speaker of Dutch, is fluent in English and has a good command of German.